Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinner at Restaurant Kong Sai

Have you tried them?

Anyways, we had dinner with my sister and parents on Saturday. My sister suggested Kong Sai at Taman Paramount PJ. You know, I always get confused with where Paramount starts and ends cos I always thought the whole area is Seapark. If you're familiar with PJ, you'll know what I am talking about. Drives me crazy all the time.

OK, back to dinner. As you know, we hardly eat out. Even before kids, we hardly ate out. If we didn't cook, we'd be at my MIL's or my parents. But, my parents have been pretty adventurous recently and decided -- to hell with the wok, we are eating out!!. So, they have been to more places than I. With kids in tow, it's not easy having your dinner in peace. Ash is ok, but Em can get awfully messy and fidgety. Generally, we just give Em an empty plate, fork and spoon and some food which we feel is ok for her to eat/attempt to eat, she'll be all set. Provided of course, she's not cranky from lack of sleep or whatnot. Otherwise, the fidgety side gets the better of her.

So, naturally, it was the first time we've ever tried the food at this restaurant. My parents and sisters have been here before and raved so much about the food. Not only is the food delicious but the pricing is very reasonable too. Both hubby and I were fine with trying out new places to eat. Besides, we need to know where to go or direct people whenever they asks "what's good around your place?" because we would often give them a blank look and be scratching our head thinking of what/where to go grab some good food.

Let me tell you, the place didn't disappoint at all. The food was really good. The only thing that irked me was how packed the small 25x75 ground floor shop lot was even before 6.30pm. My dad did warn us to go early so we could get the big table and sit comfortably with 2 high chairs. But, no matter how early we went, the place was already packed to the brim. People were waiting outside and inside for tables. The number of people in there, you'd think they were giving away free food!

We had my dad's favorite - pork vinegar (chi keok chou) and peppered pig stomach soup. With that, we also ordered the poached chicken (the chicken was so tender), steamed fish (for the kiddos), yau mak (a veggie dish) and curry pork ribs with potatoes. They all had the yau fan while I had plain rice. Even though Em had her porridge before we left for the restaurant, I still gave her some plain rice, veggie and fish to keep her occupied. She doesn't like being eft out.

All plates were licked clean. Except for the pork vinegar cos that came in such a huge serving that my parents couldn't finish the bowl. They tau pau the remainder home and all went home with a full stomach, ready to hit the sack. The girls slept early and so did we. All happy and completely knackered out.

p.s : I apologize for not taking any pictures. My bad!


Ann said...

Ya....or even giving us the address! :)

But I know the hassle of going out to eat in a crowded restaurant with kids. Such a mess.

Just hope the service is good and fast and can eat a good meal and get out of there!

Love your line "to hell with the wok!" hahahahaha....

Shireen Loh said...

ooppss...i am sorry but I actually don't know the address also..But, it faces Giant (i know, like it helps heheh). The service is so-so only because depending on the time you're there, the day..etc...it's packed like sardines. We were there on a saturday night, so, you can just imagine..Will I go again? - probably but this time, will be there by 6 at least.

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