Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's ok mini..

My eldest, miss Ash, as she grew older from being a teeny baby, she became more aware of her surroundings. That meant more work for us. She would crawl everywhere, opening every drawer she could get her teeny hands on and will eventually cry when her teeny fingers got caught in one of them. When she started walking, our workload doubled.

Also, she became very knowledgeable too i.e she knew that outside of the house was far more fun than inside of the house. I could have a swimming pool in the house and yet she'd want to go out. So, every morning, whenever hubby left for work, she would cry at the door. Cry and cry like she was being tortured. She wanted hubby to scoop her up and take her to where-ever she was going because evidently, being at home with mommy was going to bore her to tears. It was, I believe a cry for help on her part. But of course, hubby couldn't take her; lest he wanted to get fired. I had to step in and pacify the crying baby as hubby waves his goodbyes.

Fast forward to lil Em now, I'm beginning to experience a sense of deja vu. As soon as she hears hubby grabbing the keys, she'll drop whatever she's doing, whatever she's holding and run after him. And as soon as she realizes that he's not about to take her along with him, she will start bawling; cry her lil eyes out.

This time, the ending is a little different : I'm not the one pacifying her, Ash does that for me now. Every morning, I will hear a sweet and gentle lil voice soothing, urging her baby sister :

"It's ok mini, don't cry...don't cry mini. Daddy go worp. Wait first, daddy come back first ok. Don't cry."

I got myself a little angel, didn't i? :-)


mommy to chumsy said...

awwww....such a good cheh cheh. so did lil mini stop crying after that?

Jen Cheung said...

hahaha uh oh - looks like yu gotta put everything high up so she can reach hor???

Have a lovely day
jen @

Cynthia said...

SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! so sweet!!! I think ALL kids wanna go "kai kai", much better than being couped up at home. Not saying your company isn't appreciated, but there's just so much more to see and explore in the outside world! We think the same too haha!

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