Thursday, August 5, 2010

is your child a hoarder?

Mine is.

Ash loves to hoard stuff. I'm not sure she's suffering from any disorder but it's her habit - hoarding. SHe'll take whatever she finds interesting from my mom's place, from my PIL and even from the library. Once she brought home a used eraser some kid left at the library. My MIL literally sterilize the poor beat up eraser at home before letting her play with it further. I'm not sure if she knew or knows how to use one but somehow that little jack-in-the-box illustration on it fascinated her. So much so that she cried her eyes out when we forgot to pack it home with us when we left for home from MIL's. She was trying to describe to us what we forgot all the way home, but we just didn't understand her. I think that made her even more frustrated resulting more cries.

When we got home, we called MIL immediately if they had bought her anything new or anything old that she discovered (MIL's home is like treasure island to Ash) while she was there during the day. MIL hadn't the faintest idea. Ash was still sobbing. 20 minutes later, MIL called us back and told us yes, there's this eraser that she picked up and was fiddling with it the whole day. we told MIL to hold on to it and not let it escape. We went back to sobbing Ash and told her the eraser was safe with MIL and that MIL will take good care of it and that we'll bring her to MIL the next day so she could have her eraser back.

That episode happened about a month back. Ash hasn't asked for the eraser since. But, we can't throw it out or donate it because Ash will ask for it one day and I don't really wanna be caught dead trying to think of a reason to tell her. Trust me, because she will!!!


Ann said...

Very sentimental girl. Will be a very loving wife next time. :)

mommy to chumsy said...

oh...mine is a big-time hoarder. she collects flyers from those phone stalls or cosmetic stalls at the mall and take them home. i dislike seeing all those stuff lying around the house :( she won't let me throw them away but i'll do it when she's not looking :)

mott said...

LOL... what u did is so true. You just validated her feelings of loss, and reassured her that it will be taken care off. Don't you know what you did is a brilliant thing?

Validating her feelings. That's all she needed. You can also try writing/drawing her 'wishes' on paper. I'm sure she'll keep that paper for GOOD!

That being said, my No.2 is quite a hoarder himself, we gave him a cubicle to put all his rubbish in there. Periodically, we ask him what he needs and what he can donate away. I tell you 80% of the rubbish goes!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAAKAK

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