Saturday, August 21, 2010

how do you know when you're OVULATING?

I don't. Please tell me how!!!

Cynthia wrote about her ovulating and because of that, she's staying away from her hubby heheh...I know - super cute right! :-D

Quite honestly, I really don't know when I'm ovulating. I've read about all the signs i.e cramps, mucus colour, rising body temperature on the net..but when we were planning for the kids, we always fail to get it right. OK, more like I never got it right because hubby doesn't know what I'm talking about. So, my kids were conceived a year after the year that they supposed to have been..urm..made.

But then, I always believed planning (for kids) does not usually work. I remembered when I got married, my ex-boss from my workplace told me to try to get pregnant quick. Don't wait she said. I was like "are you sure?. I would be on maternity leave...for two..TWO whole months!!" hehhe..I think she stopped encouraging me after that. I'm digressing but her point was not to wait because when you want it, you won't have it.

5 years after being married, I was beginning to see her point. Very clearly. If you've read somewhere in my blog, I might have mentioned that Ash was born 5 years after I got married. She came so late into my marriage my mom was starting to get worried. We weren't ready at that point. Funny how we weren't ready considering we were already 27 when we got hitched. A lot of people would have at least 2 kids by 27. But, not us, we decided that my eggs were good and hubby's boys were good boys. So, we waited. For what I never quite figured out but we just waited. Many of our friends started popping kids out like gum-ball machines but we waited. Even way back then, we knew that it was more fun having other people's kids to play with than to have your own. heheh..

When we were finally ready, I checked all the signs and just did what we needed to do when we were supposed to do it. Let me tell you (and I might have told you before..) for Ash, we took about 6 months. For lil Em, it took a shorter amount of time. The thing is, I can never tell when I am ovulating. I seriously can't. I just do not know how or probably got all the signs wrong. Then again, I'm pretty dense so I actually need someone to tell me straight in the face and quite literally - Otherwise, I see no other way. I am simply clueless.

I'm just wondering - do you know when you're ovulating? Can you tell? do you acquire that psychic power?


Shern's mom said...

Haha, i like your post.
There's nothing psychic about it I guess, you just need to 'understand' the signs. For me, the most obvious sign is the clear mucus discharge, like I got a bottle of glue spilled under there. Erm, gross? That's when I know i'm ovulating, normally 15-16 days after my period.

mommy to chumsy said...

hehehheheh...i know when i'm ovulating. it's around 8 days after the last day of my period. the mucus are pretty clear and stretchy ;) plus, i feel kinda *ahem* too. that's when i'm pretty nice to my hubs. usually it's more like "pls stay on your side of the bed"..muahahahahahhaahhaa

mott said...

You and me, babes.

You and me.

My ovaries, must be deaf and blind for I do not feel them. But interestingly enough, my SIL does feel them..and often tells to me about it.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I dare not comment in case I get pregnant, again!! My cycle is on the spot 28 days so I know 14 prior to next period, I'm "hot"!!!! LOL

Cynthia said...

Its the MUCUS! that stretchy eeeeky wet, gross out stuff!!!...and usually 8 - 14 days after day 1 of your planning???

MieVee @ said...

- Mucous discharge is a good sign.
- Else, work the math: (cycle length / 2) days from first day of menses. 1-2 days before and after this date should be "high".
- Get an ovulating kit to do urine test

Shireen Loh said...

thank you fine ladies for your 'tips'. Hmm..somehow, i did (try) recognizing them all but still, doesn't seem to work for me. Well, no more trying - this production house is no longer in business..heheh.

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