Thursday, June 17, 2010

home alone with Mini

her sister's bag. Courtesy of some online shopping from my sister.
Quite popular these days isn't it - to have a sell merchant account

In case you're wondering, "Mini" is Em's pet name from me...heheh...

And, if you're also wondering why I'm home alone with her today is because in the morning, her big sis followed my FIL to the library. She stayed on with my PIL after that. So, that's why.

Mini is 13 months now. She's still a clingy baby but better since she has her sister for company. Speaking about company, she's starting to fight for toys or whatever with her now. A real fiesty one this girl of mine. I wonder - if the whole 'nurture' vs 'nature' debate holds true? Because if it does, seeing Mini as she is, I'm in big trouble!! hehe..


ryeli said...

not scaring you but there'll be more. my 2 girls fights for everything and it mostly starts from the younger one, what the elder one has, the younger one also wants. and then at times, it's vice versa! never ending. last night, i had my last straw, i took away the stuff they were fighting for and said they both can live without it! :D ...and such it's motherhood. you just gotta love it! ;)

wen said...

so did she fight for the red shoulder bag and won it from her big sis? :)

Jen Cheung said...

hahaha. thats how kids are eh!? maybe i should only plan to have 1 kid now to avoid fighting for toys and attention eh? :)


Ann said... that's whats in store for me ya! is never dull with kids around!

mom2ashleyaidan said... kids is always at loggerheads with each other drives me up the wall all the time.

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