Friday, June 11, 2010



The following day, we went to the zoo. I mean, we simply had to, itsn't it? It's one of the more popular attractions. Besides, we knew Ash would be thrilled to see all the animals she learnt from all her barney CDs..LOL.


We left the hotel around 10am after breakfast and all. Could've been sooner but we took our time, enjoying the buffet and before you know it, we were running late (Actually, we all couldn't wake up from sleeping late the night before thank heavens I had my sunnies on because I didn't bring my under eye cream for dark circles). We didn't know where or how to get there but thanks to hubby and his superb navigating skills, we got there in 1/2 hour. No speeding. No one speeds in SG-land; the speed limit on the freeway is 90..90!! That's like...driving Miss Daisy! Again, I digress.

white tiger1

We were pretty surprised to see the place packed. I mean, it was a week-day and the zoo seemed a little busier than usual. We found out later that it was the start of their school hols. So, that explained everything!


As you would expect it, Ash was very excited. She wanted to see the gibrafs immediately. Like...NOW. She thinks that the zoo is like our house - small and you can find everything with just one scan. We got the map and was frantically trying to find the gibrafs.


For some reason, the animals always had their backs facing me. Talk about timing! We had overcast skies the whole time so it made photographing a lot easier. But, there were some moments where the lion and his wife got into a cat-fight. And where was I? At the wrong end of the bushes! By the time I moved, everything was over. Damnit!!

lion king's wife

I could've been rich with just that ONE shot!! hahah...ok, I'm dreaming.

lion king

Throughout the visit, where we went was mostly dictated by Ash. She held the map while she walked. If she saw any drawing of an animal she knew, she'd want to see it. As you can imagine, our visit wasn't so systematic. We would go from one end of the spectrum to the other.


The final animal she wanted to see were the penguins. You know, I can understand their need to project a more 'universal' zoo to the visitors but really, some animals just do not belong there. You can see the roos above - so scrawny!! Not to mention the penguins..


There are other animals we didn't see namely the reptilians. But, if you ask me, I don't think we missed much. Also, there's this kids area complete with a mini water park which I am sure Ash would have loved but we didn't go there; not even close. If we did, I doubt we'd make it out alive that day! Since she didn't know about it, we chose not to tell her...ehehhe..

Ok, that's it. A couple of night shots in the next :-).


Jen Cheung said...

good thing there was no snake pictures! or else I would of freaked :) looks like a day of fun with you and your kids!


wen said...

singapore zoo is nicer than ours. and cleaner!

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