Thursday, April 15, 2010

on their own thus far

It's post T-4 now that the girls have been on their own. And I'm certainly glad that it's going pretty swell. No crying, no fussing, no nothing. They seem to be taking it all in stride.

I'm sure you can tell - I am definitely proud of the girls and happy naturally.

Oh, and I've got photos of their room :

taken this afternoon right before Em's nap

the mandatory mickey mouse curtains

I know, it's devoid of kids' decor. I am totally lousy eh..:-P.

The second room upstairs is a little small. I doubt it can accommodate both when they are older. It'll do for the moment but we'll have to think of something in a couple of years. This is also another reason why I decided to keep the room in it's original state as much as possible. Either that or max out my credit card decorating. Also, once Em is through with night feeds, I will remove the arm-chair and replace it with a kids' table or something, you know. So, I'm hoping it'll happen soon; for Ash's sake at least.

By the way, you might re-call in my earlier post, I did mention that Ash's bed is actually mine. It is! Which explains the very 80's look of the bed heheh...I had it since I was 12. It's actually part bunk bed. The upper deck was mine while my sis took the lower deck. Looking at how this is a kids' bunk, the height is slightly lower than most. Anyway, since it's still in almost mint condition, I took it home for Ash. Oh, the mattress underneath - "security reasons" :-)

That's it. My girls' room.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

The room looks great! Very cosy. Great that you managed to "get rid of them" haha.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh very very nice room. i like it. yes...very cosy :D

ryeli said...

i'm so envious! although we have moved the girls into their room last december, hubby and i have also moved in with them. god knows when we'll move out - doesnt help it either that hubby travels so i'll be with them mostly.

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