Thursday, April 22, 2010

On their own (Part 2)

It's been almost 2 weeks now since we shipped the girls out of our room and into their own.

And, week 2 has been going on smoothly except for two nights ago when we came home from my MILs. Both the girls were asleep when we arrived home. So as usual, we carried them and put them into their respective beds. Ash was half asleep at that time and I made the mistake of changing her into her PJs. That woke her up and when we were done changing her, we pat her back and told her to go back to sleep. She did..initially..but after 10 mins, she started bawling. Then, hubby ran upstairs to get her and carry her into our room for fear she'd wake her sister up.

She wanted to continue sleeping in our bed. Since she was tired and cranky and we didn't want to aggravate the situation, we let her. We left her in our room with the table lamp on and she was fine, holding on to her smelly pillow and sucking her thumb.

Later that night, when hubby and I went upstairs to sleep, she was missing. We took a peek in her room and found her in her own bed. OK, so that put a smile to our face. She did miss her bed after all.

This signifies something very important to me in that, she has willingly accept the transition -not forced to. I was afraid that she might not have been ready but I guess she was/has been all along. The reason why I felt this tugging feeling is that sometimes, I really don't know how she's feeling. It's like, you can't completely read her as well as Em for instance. With Em, she will show her dissatisfaction to you if she doesn't want something. With Ash, at times, she keeps these feelings to herself and will just obey. You know, on the outside, it may be a dream come true for all parents but trust me, when she's older, it can be a nightmare. SOmething about her I definitely need to keep the tabs on.

Another thing about Ash is, she refuses the blanket. SHe does. She always complain that it's "too hot" and throws the cover away. At the rate she's going, she'll be lucky if she can do without joint supplements when she gets old.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Well done Ash!!! You are truly a gem to behold.

Sasha said...

my kids also HATE blankets. So i need to wear for them thicker bajus so that they dun get cold,

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