Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I didn't tell you this but whilst in Switzerland, I had a massive postpartum craving for fried chicken. Actually, any chicken that is crunchy, tasty and junkfood-ish...except KFC.

You know, in Swiss, at times...for dinner, I'd "ta-pau" this roast chicken from a grocery shop called Migros. Sounds Greekish or Italianos', I have no idea but the roast chicken is fah-reekingly awesome! I'm serious, it's really nice. I would get the half chicken, which cost me about CHF6++ (about RM20). We'd have this chicken with pasta or bread and soup (canned of course. The apartment kitchen was too small for me to boil soup), after which hubby will play his PS3.

Now..you know.

Anyway, this postpartum craving I was having, I brought it home with me. Just 2 weeks ago, I asked my mom to buy only chicken for me (she goes to the market every Sunday and she would normally buy my fresh groceries for me...I know...I'm hopeless). I specifically wanted the thighs and chicken wings, nothing else. If you can't guess it by now, they are my favourite chicken parts *smile*.

So, every day, from that day, I had baked chicken wings or thighs for lunch. I'd marinate the pieces differently each day. Cut up the spuds, carrots and onions and just plonk it all into the oven for a couple of minutes and ta da....I have my lunch. Fairly quick and easy which works really well for me because with Em, I no longer have the luxury to "cook". She's a real fiesty one I tell ya. In the end, I got my food satisfaction, and she had my attention.

Finally, one day, I ran out of chicken wings...or thighs. I had my last piece in the freezer; one miserable looking piece of leg. Plus, I also ran out of spuds and carrots. Only some 'yin choys' were left in my fridge.

"I'm not about to bake the yin choys. That'll be suicidal. Not to me but to the greens. They'd all come out looking ugly. And I would imagine that if I was a yin choy, and I was on my death-bed, I won't want to look ugly isn't it. or come out dead looking ugly."

I finally decided that I will fry this last leg instead. No point urm...baking this one lonely meat.

As for the yin choys, I decided to boil soup. I sauteed my last packet of ikan bilis and threw it into the pot of boiling water disregarding the fact that it will taste extremely fishy and I would have nothing to combat that fishy taste (I ran out of ginger too).

As it turned out, the soup was ok. The chicken wasn't. Here, I'll show you :

I left the lid on for too long.

So, moral of the story : frankly, there isn't. I took this photo cos I was testing out my lens but as you can see, it's totally blown out. ANd blurry. And I need more practise. And never to buy manual lenses even though they were a steal.

And, I'll have you know that as of today, my postpartum crazy craving is gone! Yippeee....:-D


mommy to chumsy said...

ahhhh....so what are you craving now?

Shireen Loh said...

hmm...lemme think...so many...ramly burger comes to mind...lol

Ann said...

You know....I craved fried chicken too after giving birth to my boy! And it chocked hubby to high heaven coz I never used to BEG for KFC!!!

hahahaa...baking sure beats frying anytime!

mommy to chumsy said...

tsk tsk tsk..not healthy lor...hehehehehe

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