Friday, July 31, 2009


I am back. Well, I've been back since Tuesday afternoon. Been battling with jet-lag, housework, kids and everything.

The kids, more specifically, Ash, was thrilled to see us (even though, they were not aware we bought them stuff that were a little too expensive since they weren't sale items *sigh*). At first, when hubby peeked through the window at my MIL's to say hello to her, she looked up and gave him the sweetest smile. Then, she hurried to grab hold of the keys and literally flung it over to my hubby. As soon as hubby opened the door, he held his arms wide open, she put her head down as if to say “I'm upset with you. Where have you been? I've been here the whole time and no one came to get me”. Her head was down for seconds before she ran over to hubby and he scooped her up. And she was happy again.

I didn't see that actually. Hubby narrated the whole thing to me when he and Ash came over to pick Baby Em (that's what she's now known in our household – her aunts been calling her that) and I at my mom's place.

Did I ever mention to you that Ash is a pretty easy going kid? Yeah she is. And how grateful I am for that especially now with Baby Em. I don't think I've truly appreciated what a wonderful kid Ash is. She never gave us any problems ever since she was born. The only tough time we ever had with her was when she was colicky as a baby. But, as soon as that was over, she was easy to care for. She slept through the night as early as 3 months; even sleeping at 8pm or 7 sometimes.

And when, Baby Em was born, I was so afraid that she might be jealous of her. I was wrong. She keep giving her kisses. Strokes her “durian head”. And even attempted to pry open Baby Em's fingers to give her a “hi-5”. We never taught her Baby Em's name but she just picked it up one day and started calling her “Emini...Emini”. Whenever Baby Em cries, Ash is the one jumping up and down, asking us to carry her. She loves her Emini. To bits. Ok, maybe for now...but still...its nice to see them both like this.

In just that short period of time;10 days to be exact, we noticed that Ash has changed so much. She's starting to shake off that “terrible two” stage. She's a lot more settled now. Of course, she hasn't grown into an adult. You know, just more settled as a kid. Someone who has patience and understanding. Truly, she takes after her father.

I've missed her...for a long time now. Ever since Baby Em was born, she's been going to her grandma's for the day, everyday except the weekends. I want to bring her home...soon. If I didn't care for her right for the past 2++ years of her life, I'd like to start over. At least, I hope, it's not too late.


Shern's mom said...

She looks so cute in this photo. Erm, more photo of baby Emini maybe..

Ann said...

That is really lovely, Shireen....

Baby Em is a cool name and it's so endearing when the big sister loves her little sister!

mommy to chumsy said...

i like ash's photo. she has grown up so much :) what a good cheh cheh she is :D

BoeyJoey said...

Ash sounds like a very understanding, caring & loving sis... you and your hubby are so lucky :-D

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