Friday, June 19, 2009

The story of Emily (part 2)

OMG...this is so passe already isn't it? I mean, I might as well wait till she's graduated college before telling the remainder of the story. OK, beat me up, me is guilty yet again for procrastinating.

So, where was I? Oh yes, hubby came back, took me and we took off. I was teary and in pain. Waving goodbye to Ash, knowing how difficult it is for her to be spending the night without us even though she's with the grandparents. The last time she did that, she woke up at 2 in the morning and waited outside near the door for us to come get her. And just imagining that was pretty bad for me. Coupled with my contractions.

But...Ash always surprises us in her own way. We expected her to kick and fuss while in my FIL's arms, she didn't. She just waved to us goodbye as we drove off.

And me, well, the contractions were coming on strong. Didn't time them but they were pretty hard.

It's a good thing my PIL lives really close by the hospital, we got there like in 10 minutes. Hubby dropped me off at the Emergency entrance, the building where the labour ward is situated. I couldn't get up. Literally couldn't walk. Had to get the wheelchair and the guard wheeled me in.

The whole time, I was thinking “please dear God, let me be dilated say 7cm. And get me out of there in an hour max”.

When I reached the labour ward, I told them my name and the midwife told me she was expecting me. The doc informed her that it's very likely I'd be dropping by that night. Ha, first time he's so accurate, about anything!

So anyway, they wheeled me into the labour room. This time, the room was smaller. I didn't get that supersized one since I came in un-announce (so to speak). The one I got was small and urm, too close for comfort if you ask me.

“Let me check you first and ...(here, she said something but I can't remember)”. And so, they did. They came, checked, shaved and told me I was 3cm. I was like “Oh my f*** ***...only 3????”. hard is it to get dilated these days huh?? Are you telling me that my contractions will get worst?? Ok, I give up.”

The midwife than gave me the jab I requested, pulled the towel over me and whispered “ok, you get some rest. If you want an epi, you let me know ok”. Ok, so rest I attempted to however impossible it was. I mean, really, when you feel drowsy and your stomach hurts, its hard to rest isn't it? That was about 10pm.

This time, the effects of the pethidine really kicked in. I couldn't lift my head without feeling heavy. And to a certain extent, it helped eased the pain a little...not too much, just a little. Hubby was around, trying to comfort me as best he can. The nurses came in to check on me periodically. I was even given the glucose drip (which freaked me out at first when they wheeled the damn thing in) cos my temperature shot up.

My ObGy came in about 1 1/2 hours later for a VE. Only 4cm. I almost fainted. Only 4??? The pain was already killing me. At this point, you must be wondering “why didn't I just get an epi?”. The answer is very simple – I wanted to be a super hero!! LOL...Truth is, I wasn't thinking. I was drowsy and trying to work through the pain. In other words – a complete idiot.

I slept or tried to sleep. I asked for another dose. After the midwife injected me, she told me to call her if I feel like poo-ing. I mumbled ok. That was around 12:30am.

So there I was, holding hubby's hand with each contractions and asking him to stroke my hair. I don't know why. As if it helped but funny, at that time, it did. He was way tired I could tell. But he tried his best to keep awake.

All of a sudden, I felt like pooing. The contractions were unbelievable. It was crazy out there, like a carnival of contractions or something. They were having a ball with pizzas, coke and viagra all together. I quickly pressed for the nurses. 2 of them came in. One of them did the urm..checking. And lo and behold, I am 7cm! You know how long I waited for her to say those magical words? Ok, it didn't seem that long but it felt like eternity for me since I was technically in labour since the morning.

And I realised something. The midwife started to explain something to me and I responded etc...My initial thought was “Gosh, I need to manage the pain...Do I have to respond or do you have to talk to me now? I don't feel like talking that much right now”. But, funnily enough, by talking, I was able to focus on something else and forget about my pain for a moment. That really helped. So, when the midwife came back in, I started babbling away. She must've thought I was going nuts for talking so much.

“I have already called the Dr and he's on his way”. I was like “, how many of us are giving birth tonight?”...

Bla bla bla...and all of a sudden, I felt this very strong sensation the biggest poo on earth was about to come out. I am talking big time. Nuclear sized poo. And my butt was going to explode. It was coming down hard on me. The pain was tremendous. So hard and it never went away. I let out an “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh....” pretty mild for someone who's about to deliver a 6 pounds baby but let me assure you, it was...I don't even have the words.

They were all frantically de-assembling the bed to assume the 'delivery' position. In my state of drunk ed-ness, I saw my doc, he came in, fully attired for the occasion and ready to go. I don't think he even had the time to give me an episiotomy, because Emily just slid out. From the time I went 'ahhhhh...” and Emily coming out, it was like a split second. I didn't even have to push. It was that quick.

I briefly got a glimpse at her. She was all covered in blood and what not. I was in total, relieved I guess. And all I wanted to do then was sleep while I was being sewed up. I was left alone, cos hubby followed the baby out. My mind – a complete blank.

So, I did it without an epi and naturally but without the need for induction whatsoever. Which was what I was praying and hoping for. And as usual, I went to bed that night, swearing I'd never do this again and reliving the labour process in my head. I couldn't let it go. It was truly a traumatising experience. And you wonder, why we women are willing to go through it over and over and over again.

As for Ashley, I was told she slept throughout and didn't make a fuss. It was comforting to hear that. More on her and how she's been so far as a big sister coming, you guys, thanks for dropping by. I have lots to tell. But I am half-asleep most of the time. Little Emily is really too hot for me to handle.

More later. In the meantime, you have a good weekend!


mott said...


I'm so glad it went really well!! Like your pain management style..and without epi too!! *clap clap clap*

well done..... now..she's 2 ++ months??

so fast time flies!

ryeli said...

finally! have been waiting for part 2 for so long! :)

gosh, you really can remember the details well and i can't believe that you actually waited that long in pain too huh. anyway, i'm sure you're glad that you did it without epi.

can't believe that by talking, it helps you feel better. mine was the total opposite. i didn't like what the panthedine was doing to me, so drowsy but then again, it's better than having the real pain in a clear conscience mind.

well done shireen! well done indeed.

Ann said...

hahaha....what pain we go through and then willingly go through it again huh! So GREAT you did it all so naturally!

mommy to chumsy said...

ROTFL!! This is the funniest labour story I have read so far.

mommy to chumsy said...

Forgot to add - You are really a Super Hero. No epi at all. Amazing.

Big Pumpkin said...

Thanks for sharing. You are very, very brave!!!

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