Friday, August 8, 2008

Things that make Momsie go MmmMmm...

Wine and a hot Spanish flamenco dancer!! LOL

The cleaners were here and now, thanks to these wonderful ladies and RM70, all that's left are extremely and squishingly clean floors, bathrooms and kitchen. I am thankful they came because I've been exhausted and too lazy to do anything on Tuesday (my designated work-the-house day). So, 3 cheers for the ladies in green! :-)

Friday is the day and I am in no mood for too many words. With that, I will do away with longish attempts at creative literary (not that I was any close in the first place) and proceed with bullet points for my post:


Top notch opening ceremony;

Federer with Swiss flag and Nadal...well, he'll have to wait for the next one to carry his;

Hot Hot Hot...cuppa (what were you thinking?? *snigger*);

Thinking of popcorn but will shelve the idea cos a roti canai and teh O ais limau sounds more like it;

This is supposed to be short;

This will be short;

Good weekend;



Heather said...

I missed the opening ceremony. Actually, I didn't even realize the Olympics had already started until I saw something about them online. I'm more of a winter Olympics girl since I live in Michigan and we have lots of winter sports here.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey girl!Have a nice weekend yourself! ;)

Constance Chan said...

hot flamenco dancer!! lol! i'll vote for that this weekend. in my dreams perhaps.

Tina said...

get you with your cleaners lol. send them round mine next ha!

not sure if you picked it up already but i have card for you :)

Tammy said...

I hope you have a great weekend too my friend! :o)

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