Monday, August 4, 2008

Me, Myself and 10 Thousand others...

Remember those scenes from movies where you have a guy (for some reasons, it's usually a guy that has these illusions) sitting in a room, his hair bent out of shape, seemingly lost in his thoughts and un-sure of what he should do with his life. Then, there appears before him, 2 "voices" telling him what he should or ought to be doing. One 'evil' and one 'good' contradicting each other..or rather, himself.

Well, that is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. I am dead tired, hair bent out of shape (just got off the shower) and there are voices around me. The clean clothes are telling me "fold me, keep me, I am everywhere and soon taking over the bed". The dirty dishes are telling me "clean me, wash me, I have here!!!". I have another voice telling me "Oh man, this place stinks!!! Can you get that underwear off my back????". Yep, that was the dirty shirt calling out...

So, do I listen to them or do I just ignore and declare a "NO-CHORE" day/night? Decisions...decisions...*tap tap tap away on the desk*

Oh but a distance, I hear another voice calling out to me. Very faint but I can hear it..oh..oh, its coming louder and clearer...and..yeah...yup, it's saying - "Come to me. Its late. I am cool and fluffy. You'll love it here"..

Holly cow! I think I've just found the answer and my calling. I am going to listen to my bed!


Tammy said...

I think my bed is calling me too! hehe

Tina said...

shireen you are funny lol!

hey you should write a book, your a proper little story teller ha!

leave the chores for a few days. you need a break sometimes

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