Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dream a little dream

Hey, I feel generous today : I’ll let you in on a little secret! Yes, I am well aware that once this cat is out of the bag, there is no turning back but I'm sure I’ll live.

You know what a verging-on-crazed tennis fan I am right? By the way, “No. 2” – does not bode well next to Fed’s name. Anyway, as I was saying, see, the secret I am about to reveal here is my equally, if you’d like to call it that, “crazy” dream. The dream of turning Ash into a pro tennis super-star!

You laugh...wait till you see me on tv, sitting at the VVIPs, next to some hot hot celeb of the future and only then, we shall see who has the last laugh…LOL…Alright, jokes aside. I’ve been reading about these young athletes and learned that they began playing the game from a very young age. Some even started at 2 or 3! As enthusiastic about the prospect as I am but where am I going to find rackets small and light enough for my little Ash’s hands? Either that or these kids have gigantum hands!

So, one weekend, while shopping for groceries at Tesco, I went around to the kids’ section, hoping to find toy rackets for kids. I managed to find one that would fit Ash’s tiny hands. They came in a pack of 2 rackets, 2 round plastic balls that are no bigger than squash balls and a shuttlecock (I figured, if she can’t make it as a bona fide tennis player, she could switch to badminton instead).

That purchase was made roughly 2 months back and am pretty disappointed to report that she hasn’t shown much interest in the game. She has yet to master hitting the balls with the racket. As a matter of fact, she has mastered the art of hitting the racket at every other thing instead.

I was beginning to think that this ‘dream’ of mine is a lot harder for me to make it real than I originally thought! And, I’m seriously thinking of shoving it. I mean, who am I kidding? Evidently, I’ve been watching way too much tv!

Well, that was my position until she showed me, as explicitly as she possibly could, what she really thought of the shuttlecock or a possible career in badminton :

With that, and while I really don’t want to say too much in case I jinx the whole thing, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed..*smile*


adrian said...

I had the same dream for my dotter after Sharapova won her first g.slam (which wan oledi ah?) and she went to her father, called her mother, etc.

I would imagine my dotter winning and running towards me to hug me then during the speech she would thank me for supporting her all these years.

I would day dream that until my dotter actually went on the tennis court with me one day. Pecah harapan! :P

Sandra Carvalho said...

Way to go mate!Grab on to your dreams cuz that's what keep us alive!

Shireen Loh said...

Adrian : ahh..that pivotal match that inspired us ordinary peeps to have bizarre dreams. Wimbledon and yes, it was touching. Except that if it were Ash, she won't need to call me cos I will be the one sitting there..kakkak..but, all is not lost. Got badminton wei. RM1 mil and pension for life..:-P

Sandra : Thanks girl! Hope you're feeling better. Well, I hope it comes true. :-)

Constance said...

hey i had that dream too. i wanted my girl to start tennis lessons but the coach only takes them in at about 5 because he worries the wrist is not well developed. Couldn't resist, I went to get a kids' racquet in advance, with a Federer's signature and his face on the cover.. till now, 2 years later, is unused! she doesn't like sports but will play badminton for fun. there goes mommy's reserve kaki cos daddy is busy no time to play tennis with me. wanted to train the girls to play.. now my hope is shifted on my youngest, she's only 4 and i am hoping....i get a partner soon..hahahah

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