Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad day

I'm not sure if it's just me but I seem to be detecting some sort of momi-sonic signals emanating from within the momi-verse. You know, its kind of like animals in the wild, not that we are animals in the wild, the way they send out distress signals or when one of them is down, the others senses it. Yeah, that kind of stuff.

Today, I feel shitty...really shitty...and not exactly witty...and funnily enough, Mott wrote about her continuing bout of yucky feeling. Though, she's at the tail-end of it and is feeling happier, I am down in the dumps. Oh yeah, and I too took it out on Ash. I locked myself in the room, left her crying outside while I tried to get a grip.

Instead of letting it out on the hubby (who will be home any minute now) or anymore on Ash, I shall take it out on those lurkers who found this blog using these keywords search :

mandarin blogspot : OK, ni hao???

various clothed and unclothed men : I don't know whatcha looking for here but sorry to disappoint but there ain't no men on this blog, clothed or otherwise

clothed..unclothed...women : I think its time to set the record straight – all women here are CLOTHED!!

clothed...unclothed girlfriends : Now, this is getting serious. I am married and straight ok. No girl friends of mine are unclothed. All are CLOTHED.

borders the curve : Thanks. I did venture out there.

momsie : that would be correct

shireenloh : that would be me name

There...I'm feeling a little better. Only a little...


Sasha said...

i think u need to cham kai like mott also to release stress. I think i need to cham big ostrich.

Tina said...

ha ha that was hilarous. you kicked some butt there girl! .. now take some deep breaths, and have a large glass of vodka lol

Mommy to Chumsy said...

poor thing...hope you are feeling better today :) don't worry, i'll get lots of pisang goreng for you or whatever goreng stuff i can find ;)

Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh my Gosh!Did you sent any of your shitty day to me?!eheheeh
I'm having a bad hair day too and feeling like to scream at some people "are u stupid or did your mom forget to provide u a brain!?"
Vent it all out sis!

Tammy said...

What's with them searching for naked people on your blog? hehehe

Shireen Loh said...

Sasha : OK, you and I, outside..I will get chopper and you go get that ostrich!!

Tina : I have run out of vodka!!! Bwahahahahah...:-(

Barb : Eh, no need to purposely get la. Psst..since you insist, can get me yam cake too ar? :-P..

Sandra : Oh so sorry dear!! People can be a pain in the arse sometimes. I've disconnected the signals already. Hope you are feeling much better now..*hugs*

Tammy : I KNOW!! I don't know where they get the idea from..O_O

mott said...

Oh dear...this made me laugh! No no no..I meant the ",women n girlfriend"! What funny questions!

So sorry to hear abt your bad day...I know, it sucks! Hope this badmoodday won't stay really sucks the energy out of you!!!

Here.....take my cleaver...! ;)

Ingrid said...

Dropping by just saying that I love your blog!

And I must say that this entry was funnny, hahahaha..
Now just relax and take a couple of deep breaths, everything will be just fine!!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Got a tag for you hon! ;)

Constance Chan said...

gosh.. i had a crabby week. been like that for last two weeks. must be the air..

i dedicate this poem to you lah

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