Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having the sniffles

Gosh, it really hasn't been too good the past few days. My mom got robbed on Monday but like I mentioned, thank god that she's alright and weren't hurt. I went to see her in the afternoon and she was already running about getting the police report done up cos everything went missing - her driver's licence, Identification card etc...Other than that, she's ok.

Then, came the flu bug. It bit me yesterday. Ash spent the afternoon with her grandma while I slept in the afternoon. Terrible sore throat and a fever. Ash sounded a little nasal in the morning so I quickly made her porridge and shipped her over to my MIL, far and away from me.

The short snooze did wonders but the electricity went dead. And there goes my recovery plan. It was so hot and humid, I had to down plenty of liquid just to keep myself hydrated. I went to bed early last night. Didn't want to take any chances. Left the feeding to the hubs.

This morning was better. Recovered from the fever but the sniffles and sore throat is still lingering around, refusing to leave me body and give me some peace. Drowsy from the medication, I went searching to food in the kitchen cabinet. Not realizing a brand new bottle of coffee was close to the edge, I removed the pasta package and as I was doing that, it brushed against the bottle and fell. Glass shattered and coffee all over the kitchen floor. Darn! More work. I ended up cleaning the mess when I should be resting since Ash was asleep.

And to think, today is only Wednesday and have yet to get my balance transfer done. I hope all of this will end and I can have some peace and tranquility. No wait. I have a toddler to take care of...Arrggghhhh!!!


wen said...

good to hear that ur mom is alright!

Anonymous said...

Hope the sniffles and sore throat go away soon. The flu bug's making its round and weather's been cranky.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oooo...speedy recovery to you.

mott said...

it's hitting us too! one by one! how come u didn't take some anti-histimines? ever since I became a mom, I've been poppin' it whenever i have the sucks hvg it, while taking care of kids! ;-)

but now..bfeeding..tak boleh lerrrrrr haizzz

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