Thursday, April 24, 2008

The making of a "Player" must be my lucky day. Just when I thought I was "moodless", my mood is back! Although, I am still trying to find out what a Schlage is.

I called hubby this evening asking if he was ok if we went out to eat. To my surprise, he said "ok". Alright, that was the start of my mood getting better. So, I quickly made Ashley her dinner and fed her at the start of American Idol (6pm). Around the half way mark, I heard the door and gate opening. I thought I was hearing things. Another surprise, the hubby is back and at record time too cos it was only 6:30pm! Pinch me somebody!

By then, Ash was already spitting out her dinner, so I stopped and another miracle happened. He offered voluntarily to give Ash a sponge bath! Normally, he would do it but today, he seemed to even look forward to it. Pinch my butt!!

To top it all off, hubby suggested Korean BBQ at Tropicana cos we pass that place at least once a week but we have never had the chance to try it...until today. It didn't matter that potentially, my hair and clothes would smell but I was looking forward.

The dinner? Scrumptious. Even Ashley had a good time. Let me tell you, there were only waiters at that restaurant. While we had our dinner, slowly...she had her snack - teething biscuit. All the while, she turned to one of the waiter (who was kind enough to entertain her) and periodically, raised her hand, gesturing and seemingly offering her biscuit to him. And when he responded, she would shyly look away. She would repeat that over and over and ...O V E R!!! Nevermind that she's not of legal age and her mouth was full of biscuit crumbs, she continued to "flirt" with the young waiter. She even got the waiter to give her a sweet. She threw away her half-eaten biscuit and started to gnaw at the sweet. She even growled at me when I tried to take the sweet away from her. Squeeze me!!

All in all, Ash was happy, we were happy...I must have done something right today *smile*.


Tammy said...

It sounds like you had a great day! :o)

Anonymous said...'l Ash oredi learning to flirt..must be Mama's latest bag of tricks eh.

Hey, bring me to the Korean BBQ

Mommy to Chumsy said...

good to hear that all of you had a great time :D

wen said...

is it the one in Riana Green Condo? Arisu? if that's the one, i tried a couple of times b4, and it was good!!

Helen said...

Hey, nice pic on your profile. A little blurrish though... but you look great... like mui mui. :-P

Hey, you din ask your hubby meh?

"... and what have you done?? Why suddenly so nice??!"


JO-N said...

*pinch Shireen* Nope, you are not dreaming. He did come home early, sponge Ash and drove you out for dinner. I'm happy for you.

Tina said...

I have just put your link up on my blog if you want to check :) xxx

Shireen Loh said...

Tammy : Yep, it sure was! Good while it lasted LOL

MBL : hehhe...gotta learn a few tricks eh..:-P...sure, can bring u, u belanja ar :-D

Barb : thanks :-D..ok, have 'they' arrived??

Wen : hey! yes, its that place! Nice food hor? I am already hungry just thinking about it

helen : yes, I did! He was wondering if he could have sex that on your compliment. Its a little blur cos camera phone mah and since I no expert in photoshop, so its a good profile

Jo-N : *Ouch*! LOL...yep, only happens when the moon is full and blue..hehehhe

Tina : Thanks. Yours is up too!! :-D

Tina said...

Thanks for the add too :)

Don't worry bout the time getting back. I know other people have a life other than the computer whereas im always stuck on here lol !! x

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