Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's party time

My little one has done me proud. She has accomplished so much this past year. Either that or this mommy is quite useless and easily satisfied. Her birthday is next week but we have decided to celebrate it a little earlier - like tomorrow!

Seeing as how she still prefers crawling to walking..babbling to talking, we thought it'd be best to just have the simplest party for her. Without the kids, games and noise. There will be more adults than children for sure as we have only invited our close relatives and immediate neighbors (so that they would not curse us for making their place smell like burnt meat - we are having a bbq type of lunch).

Tomorrow will be more symbolic than a celebration. A day to document Ash achieving that year old milestone and me, for having kept her intact. Phew!! I went and bought little party packs for the total of 6 kids who are going to be around. Sure saved me some $$....nyek! Other than that, nothing much. I was looking at some party hats that were in gold and silver colors but I ended up not getting any as I couldn't decide. I'd probably give it another go at shopping a little later on when the hubs is back from work.


sting said...

happy birthday in advance! :-)

Shireen Loh said...

Thanks Sting!! :-D

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