Monday, March 10, 2008

All things purtty

I had my coffee much earlier but looks like I need another one -sigh-...I am so addicted to them.

Its a good thing Ash is asleep now and I am trying, furiously, to type as fast as I can so that I could get this post out of the way before she wakes up. Its a common fear amongst mothers with babies or even toddlers isn't it? Afraid that their "adult" stuff won't get done before their babies' wake up.

Anyways, I was shopping for shoes for my baby. OK, please don't ask and yes, my baby hasn't worn a shoe ever since she was born and struts around barefoot all the time at home. Blame it on the cultural thing - for some reason, we Chinese (or maybe its only my family) that babies aren't allowed to wear shoes until they turn 1. Like I said "Don't ask" cos I have no clue as to the rationale. Since Ash will be celebrating her 1st birthday next week, I wanted to get her a nice looking pair of shoes. Didn't I tell you that with a baby girl, its really fun?? *smile*

So, I went shopping on Saturday evening and spotted one really cute. I asked the salesperson to get me the pair. He asked me "What size?"...*
gulp*. Great!! I DO NOT KNOW what size my daughter wears cos she wasn't with me and even if she was, I wouldn't have known cos I've never bought any shoes for her before. I don't know what shoe size baby shoes begins with. I told him "Err...shoe size for a 1 year old baby". And he looked at me and ok, I felt dumb but I felt that he was even dumb-er cos he didn't even know and went looking for the same size as the one on the rack which even my 18 year old sis could tell that that was way too big for a 1 year old baby. I went measuring the other shoes against the size of our palm to gauge the size for Ash. We told him to search for the shoe size that we wanted but he came back to say there weren't any left. Bummer... I still have the entire week to shop for one. This time, I'd bring her along or at least, measure her feet first..:-P


JO-N said...

Indeed! When babies are awake or when older children are back from school, we have no more time for ourselves.

Now, I wonder why babies can't wear shoes before turning one too. Funny but I follow the culture too.

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...if u ask me to buy shoes for qiqi, she has to be there too as there is no way i can estimate her size...

Mommy to Chumsy said... ashley didn't wear shoes till she turned 1 too :( So when I first put them on for her, she didn't like it and wanted to take them off. Of course now, she even want to wear my shoes :D

Yup, you gotta bring her there to try on the shoes. Don't want some that's too narrow for her feet. Lots of cool shops at OneUtama ;)

Sasha said...

oooh i have no pron with J, cos i have been buying shoes for him since he is like... err i forgot. Anyway u pantang to let yr kiddo wear shoes before 1 yr old izit? I know some ppl pantang la..

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