Sunday, January 6, 2008

Slow Sunday

We took everything slow today except for the morning. We rushed to get Ashley ready cos we wanted to run over to Tesco for some grocery shopping. The last time, I thought Tesco opened at 10am just like most shops but nope, it opens at 9am. I made Ashley's porridge as quickly as I can, waited for the guy to finish washing our car and then, we were ready to go around 10:30am. We are fast shoppers. It helps with a grocery list and we were done by 11:30am, just when the crowd was starting to build up.

We got home, fed Ashley and put her to bed. The hubs went to bed too but his bedtime was short-lived as Ashley woke-up crying. They woke up in time anyway cos we would usually go to my mom's for lunch on Sundays which we did soon after. We stayed in since it was raining cats and dogs. The whole jing bang was at my moms' which left Ashley entertained the entire afternoon.

All in all, we got to laze around, took everything easy and ate good food. Isn't that what Sunday's are supposed to be? How was or is your Sunday?

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