Monday, January 7, 2008

It is only 7th of January

Yes, its only the 7th today and I already have 25 post published. I foresee that I may just hit the thousand by year end and probably get penalised soon. This blog have been spared for the moment but not that it is a very high number and I don't get any and much from the Papaya network anyway. I'm contemplating on removing the codes. What do you reckon? Think it is a good idea? I might just log on again to see if there is anything interesting, otherwise, I will just remove the codes and put it at the other one when I sign up. That reminds me, I may have to change the URL on that one. Will let you know. Luckily I haven't listed it on any network directories *yikes*


Helen said...


That's a good one. lol

As for Papaya codes, I dare not say anymore. Since my blog has already been penalized, I got nothing to lose. As for your decision, keep me inform. :-)

JO-N said...

I don't really understand the term you use but you are great to write so many posts a day.

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