Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An important tip

When you are moving into your new home as a newly married couple, don't scrimp on the refrigerator. Most people will think that since there aren't many people living in the house except the 2 of you that you can save to buy a bigger tv instead. Even if you think you won't be doing a lot of cooking or even eating at home, it is definitely more advisable to purchase a reasonably sized refrigerator like one of those Kenmore Refrigerators.

The reason is that as a newly wedded couple, you will obviously be thinking of having kids. When your bundle of joy arrives, you won't have time to go shopping every week. Not for the first month at least. So, you might have to stock up your refrigerator with lots and lots of fresh produce. It will be a little inconvenient to want to get a bigger refrigerator then, wouldn't you think so? Check out some of the models they have at www.krillion.com to get an idea.

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